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Valuing Your Tree

The value of your tree is everything you have spent on it including the tree itself, purchased or handmade ornaments, and the gifts you have under the tree such as wine, furniture, art, quilts, gift certificates, etc.

Remember, the winning bidder can claim a tax deduction based on the amount you submitted for your value. For example, if you spend $1,000 for your tree, its gifts, and its decorations and it auctions for $1,500, the tree buyer can claim $500 as a tax deduction.

Each tree decorating team contact person will receive a thank you letter which will include our nonprofit tax identification number and the tree value you have submitted. Please ask your tax advisor(s) if your tree donation is tax deductible.



   Festival Timeline

  •   September 1 – Full applications due

  •   November 1 – Final revisions to applications due

  •   December 6 – Tree set-up from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  •   December 7 – Festival of Trees Events

     Free to the public from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. with People’s Choice Judging
     Ticketed Gala Event and Tree Auction opens at 5 p.m.

     December 8 – Tree and gifts delivery from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

2019 Festiva​l of Trees
Tree Decorators Information

Saturday, December 7, 2019
Deschutes County Fairgrounds & Expo

Middle Sisters Building

Tree Design & Themes

Let your imaginations run wild and decorate as you please. Your tree should reflect a cohesive theme with color, decorations and gift items that all work together and form a unified package.

Here are some theme ideas that may be helpful in stirring your creativity as you and your team plan your tree.  See also our
Festival of Trees gallery!

  • Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, candy canes, the North Pole, sleigh bells, gingerbread houses, the Nutcracker

  • Snowmen, winter wonderlands scenes with ice and snow, natural scenes with winter birds and berries

  • Toyland, fairy tales, storybook characters, popular Disney/Pixar movies, the “12 Days of Christmas,” “The Night Before Christmas”

  • Victorian themes, blown glass/crystal ornaments, rich color schemes featuring jewel tones, Art Deco or Baroque periods

  • Homemade or old fashioned home Christmas, Western/ranching/homesteading

  • Nativity, Angels, Wise Men

  • Golfing, canoeing or kayaking, camping, gardening, sledding or skiing

  • Dogs, horses, birds, cats, pine cones, earth-tone ornaments

  • Wonderful cities such as Paris, Rome, Venice, New Orleans or Las Vegas, beer making, weddings, chocolates, sports teams, wines, gourmet foods, pampering yourself, tools and DIY, electronics/iPads/computers, and much, much more.

 Many people decorate a tree “in honor of…” or “in memory of…” a particular person(s). It is a good idea to remember that the tree will be going into someone else’s home or business. Pictures and memorabilia of the honored person, if used, should be framed and set beside the tree. The item(s) should be clearly marked if it does not go with the tree when sold and is for “display only.”

Gifts Under The Tree

Placing gift items under the tree is your choice. Most people to put an assortment of gifts under the tree since it increases its auction value—even if they are just for show! For example, if you are decorating a children-themed tree, consider placing some toys or colorfully wrapped boxes underneath to attract attention. If there is nothing in boxes, however, we need to let the buyer know. An “easel board” or something in a frame listing all the items that go with your tree can help to clarify what goes with the tree and increase its value.

Many Tree Decorator teams use a combination of purchased gifts, handmade items, and donated items that enhance both their tree’s value and its eye appeal. Examples of gifts under the tree might include:

-New toys and games                                                      - Art work
-Cases of wine or beer                                                   - Golf packages
-Gift certificates                                                                - Dance/cooking/yoga lessons
-Salon or spa products and services                       - Gift baskets
-Jewelry                                                                                - Handmade quilts and comforters
-Furniture and wine racks                                           - Trips/accommodations at hotels, beach
- Candy and holiday treats                                              houses, time-shares and Bed & Breakfasts
- Bicycles and sleds                                                        - Canoes, kayaks or paddle boards

The list is endless!

We have found it best not to put gift certificates in decorated boxes under the tree. They can be easily overlooked by the tree buyer.   If gift certificates or jewelry are included with your tree, we suggest using a “placeholder” of some kind, i.e. a festive envelope or a photograph, on the tree. The original gift certificate or piece of jewelry should be placed in an envelope marked with the tree name and number, and given to the Payment Room. The gift certificate or jewelry will be given to the tree buyer when they pay for their tree.  We have found that this methods helps make sure these items are not misplaced during the Festival or during the delivery of the tree.

People’s Choice Award

People attending the Festival on Saturday can vote for their favorite tree. The votes are counted after 2:00 p.m. and a People’s Choice Award ribbon will be placed by the winning tree. The winning tree decorator team will receive not only bragging rights for the year but also the award ribbon, a trophy and a write-up on the Festival website and, hopefully, in the newspaper.Type your paragraph here.


   A maximum of 35 trees will be accepted.

  Applications are accepted first come, first serve, no later than Sept 1st.

   Tree descriptions are due Sept 1st.


   Tree Requirements:

  • Use only artificial trees, 7 ½ feet tall, with metal tree stand

    • (full trees are preferred over slim)

  • Fasten decorations to your tree with wire or ribbon.

  • Gift Certificates should be placed in an envelope with tree # and given to payment room.

           (The tree, stand and all decorations become the property of the tree buyer

            and cannot be returned to the tree donor.)