Serving all of Central Oregon with end of life care since 1981

Benefits of hospice care

Compassionate support

A focus on your needs and wishes

Reduction in stress for you and your family

Respect and understanding for your loved ones

Hospice care is designed to focus on quality of life for the terminally ill patient. Our goal is to enable patients to be as comfortable and as free of symptoms and pain as possible, so that they live each day as fully as possible.

We believe in treating the patient holistically, honoring their life and their wishes. Our philosophy is to provide support for the patient’s emotional, social, and spiritual needs as well as medical symptoms management as part of treating the whole person. We incorporate a small team approach in providing compassionate personalized care for each patient. 

Our primary focus is our patients and their families, who we serve with dignity and respect. We believe that our patients have a right to participate in all decisions about their care. We offer suggestions based on sound medical practices but it is our patient’s life and ultimately our patient’s choice as to what will help them on this very personal journey.

Hospice provides

  • A small team of dedicated compassionate professionals offering personalized care for each patient
  • A close working relationship with your personal physician to keep you as comfortable and in control of your life as possible
  • Care in the familiar surroundings of your own home, whether a personal residence, a family member’s home, or a facility such as an adult foster home, assisted living facility, or nursing home
  •  24-hour access to our staff for you and your family for answers to your questions, support and guidance as well as assistance with patient care--we are just a phone call away
  • The medications to assist with symptom control and pain management as well as medical equipment (e.g. hospital beds, walkers, wheelchairs, oxygen) for your comfort

 We encourage family members and friends to not only remain close to their loved one but to participate in that loved one’s care as much as possible as the primary caregivers. We recognize the family's need for ongoing emotional support and help in the day-to-day care of their loved one. 

Hospice care costs

Hospice of Redmond's services are a benefit of Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances. Services are also paid for through donations from individuals, families and foundations.

Hospice admission

Admission to our Hospice is simple. All that is needed is:

  • A decision by you to discontinue curative treatments (i.e. chemotherapy for cancer);
  • A desire by you to pursue treatments meant only to promote comfort; and
  • A referral from your doctor who can state that if your disease continues on its present course, your life expectancy is 6 months or less.

Initial referrals of patients to Hospice are frequently made by family members or doctors. We meet with each individual to determine their appropriateness for admission to Hospice.

No one is refused admission to hospice care for lack of ability to pay

Hospice Care


We affirm life and regard dying as a natural process


We provide various methods of symptom management


We make suggestions  regarding your care but it is always your choice


We honor your wishes about your care


We believe you, the patient, should remain as active and in control of your life as possible


We address the medical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of you and your loved ones