Aaron Kinyon

Social Worker

Montana native Aaron Kinyon developed an appreciation for self-care at a young age. For him, finding meaning and joy are integral to health and well-being. 

Growing up in Missoula, Montana, Aaron developed a love for the outdoors. Moving across the country, he attended the University of South Florida and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology. Later, he found himself back in Montana and attending the University of Montana where he completed his Master of Social Work degree.

The end of one’s life brings a wide range of gifts and challenges for both individuals and their families. As a hospice social worker, Aaron supports his patients and families by meeting them wherever they are in their journey.

To Aaron, his role is centered on relationships. Whether he is building trust with a patient or family member or helping them connect and rebuild a relationship with one another, Aaron strives to maximize their well-being. He helps his patients celebrate life’s gifts and walks alongside them as they navigate their sorrows.

Aaron finds his role to be mutually beneficial to himself and those he serves.  It brings care and support for others, while also affording fulfillment and reward.

Pursuing stimulating activities that bring a sense of accomplishment is important to Aaron. He relocated to Central Oregon because it felt like home – a place that would allow him to spend his free time outside. Central Oregon is familiar and comfortable, from the forests, mountains, and rivers to the friendly people.

You can find Aaron climbing at Smith Rock or mountain biking on a single track through the forest when not working. Time spent outdoors puts a smile on Aaron’s face, so he does it whenever possible.