Our Nonprofit Hospice is Here for You and Your Loved Ones

When it comes to end-of-life care, selecting the hospice company to serve you or your loved ones is an important decision. Caring for someone at the end of their life is truly an honor. While most people working in hospice care very much for their patients, knowing the foundation of the organization you choose and what services are offered is essential to make an informed decision. Not all hospice companies are the same, and at Hospice of Redmond, we carry out our role with great respect for our patients. Hospice of Redmond is a nonprofit hospice company, and with that designation comes some unique privileges.

For-profit organizations are businesses that are answerable to generating revenue for their owners or shareholders. While there are many for-profit hospice companies, Hospice of Redmond’s mission is to support everyone in our community, regardless of their inability to pay. Our priority will always be the well-being of our patients over financial gain. You can rest assured knowing that your loved one will receive patient-centered care. Hospice of Redmond does not have owners or shareholders to answer to; instead, we can reinvest any surplus revenue back into the organization to improve the quality of care provided. We can also devote money to specialized (free) programs for the local community. When you or a loved one comes onto our service, you are supporting these programs. 

Hospice of Redmond’s Pet Peace of Mind program is a perfect example of reinvesting into the organization to improve the lives of others. Pet Peace of Mind is a national program that enables hospice patients to keep their pets at home throughout the end-of-life journey. Statistics show that nearly 50% of owner relinquishments at animal shelters are due to illness or death of the pet’s owner. Pet Peace of Mind addresses this by providing volunteers who can assist with feeding, walking, and transporting pets to the veterinarian and groomer. They can also identify a new loving home after a patient passes. 

Other free services we offer include bereavement counseling and spiritual care. Most hospices provide bereavement support to families after a patient has passed away. This can include counseling, support groups, and other resources to help families navigate the grieving process. Hospice of Redmond offers bereavement support to the grieving community in general, regardless of whether your lost loved one was on service with us. We provide, upon request, free one-on-one counseling with our full-time Bereavement Coordinator and offer free support groups twice per month at our office. 

As a part of our bereavement program, Hospice of Redmond also hosts one of Oregon’s longest-running and finest children’s grief camps in the nation called, Camp Sunrise. Camp Sunrise is a three-day camp for children who have lost a loved one and would benefit from a supportive environment to allow for healthy grieving. They are also able to grieve and process their loss with other children who have a shared experience. Camp Sunrise is available to local children ages 7-14 each June, and in 2024, Hospice of Redmond hopes to open a teen program available to 14–17-year-olds. So often, children who have lost someone are being raised by someone else who is also grieving. This makes specific topics feel “off limits,” and it can be challenging for a grieving adult to help a child cope when they are still struggling. A licensed social worker develops the camp’s agenda to ensure it is structured to include reflection, connection, and play. Hospice of Redmond hosts up to 40 attendees for Camp Sunrise each year. 

Hospice of Redmond is also a Level IV We Honor Veterans provider. As a veteran hospice provider, resources are provided to veterans and families. These resources include help for service-related disabilities through the Department of Veteran Affairs, resources in the community, flag pinning for hospice patients, and flag lines at veteran funerals.

Hospice of Redmond’s Transitions Program is a free program available for anyone struggling with a life-limiting illness who does not yet qualify for Hospice or Palliative care. We connect Transitions Clients with a myriad of resources and come alongside them so that when they are ready for hospice, they can experience a smooth transition. Transitions is very much tailored to the client’s needs. Families of Transitions clients are often so thankful for an outside perspective on their loved one’s challenges, and we offer them resources they may not have known about otherwise. 

As a nonprofit hospice, Hospice of Redmond focuses on delivering care centered around the patient’s needs – uninhibited by conflicting priorities from owners’ and shareholders’ bottom lines. We stay connected to our local community by funding specialized community-centric programs like Camp Sunrise. As a nonprofit, we can also invest in staff training, technology, and other resources to improve the quality of care our staff provides patients.  It is an honor to walk alongside our patients and their families during this season of life, and we know that selecting a hospice provider is a very personal decision that depends on your needs and priorities. We are here for you and our Central Oregon community –  that makes all the difference. 

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