Hospice of RedmondKimberly Parris, RN

Hospice Nurse

            I always knew I wanted to get into the healthcare industry, but it wasn’t until after a tragic experience in my own life I had a turning point that led me to be a hospice nurse. I had studied Pre-Medicine at Oregon State University and received my degree in General Sciences in 2006, upon which I began working in the medical field, in phlebotomy as a medical assistant with St. Charles Hospital. I lost my husband in 2014 after his battle with a cancer called Chondrosarcoma. That was my first experience with hospice, and it made a lasting impact on me, my family and our three children. Losing him was a tragedy, he was so young, and we had very young children. After he passed, I was a single mom alone with three kids trying to make ends meet. I decided I should be a nurse after witnessing the nurses who cared for him.

            While driving around one day, I thought “Am I supposed to be a hospice nurse?” and it was the most surreal thing I’ve experienced, I felt a confirmation through my spirit that this was the path I should follow. While managing three kids at home and trying to support our family, I was able to do an accelerated bachelors to Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. I went from working full time in a clinic to working full time at school and being a mom. Finally, in February 2019 I received my degree, was licensed as a Registered Nurse in April and had the opportunity to come work for Hospice of Redmond in May 2019. This is my first nursing job and it’s incredible being able to support families the way I was supported when my husband was battling cancer. I pride myself on being thorough, tender, compassionate and knowledgeable for families but am learning every day; in this job, I don’t think anyone experiences the same thing every day. Whether you’ve worked as a nurse for one month or twenty years, you’ll always have new experiences and challenges.

            The team, the people here feel like home, I came to work at Hospice of Redmond because it felt such like a family atmosphere with everyone willing to support one another. I know they have my back while I’m supporting families in the community. I get to go home every night knowing I made a difference in someone’s journey at a very significant time in their life.