Making decisions about hospice care can feel like a monumental task. The process is deeply emotional, as you navigate big choices about how you want to live the rest of your life. It’s not easy and trying to figure out what kind of hospice care is best for you can add another layer of difficulty.

Like every patient we serve, you are unique, and so are your needs. That’s why it’s essential to find hospice care that is comprehensive, patient-centered, and prioritizes your emotional and physical comfort. Whether that comes from a for-profit hospice center or a non-profit organization, it can make a significant difference in the kind of care you receive.

Community-based care

At Hospice of Redmond, we are part of the local community. We are your neighbors, and you are important to us. As a small 501(c)3 organization, our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of those facing terminal illness. We are not driven by profit. We are driven by compassion and service because we recognize the patience, empathy, and care that your end-of-life requires. 

Hospice of Redmond first began in 1979 as an all-volunteer agency. We are committed to this community and providing the highest quality hospice care for our very own friends and neighbors. Our mission is your comfort and peace of mind and serving our community here in Central Oregon.

Hospice care for all, not the few

Because we’re a non-profit organization, we don’t pick and choose our patients. We are devoted to providing the highest quality service for you and your family, no matter your situation. For-profit hospices can be just that – for profit. You won’t find that here.

At Hospice of Redmond, we care for our patients—regardless of their ability to pay. We are here to serve everyone, and we feel it’s an honor to do so. Our priority is making sure you are comfortable and well-cared for, along with addressing the needs of you and your family during this difficult time.

Higher quality of care

You don’t have to travel far from home to get top-notch care. We’re committed to your needs with highly-trained clinical staff and a phenomenal team of volunteers, ready and able to give you the most comprehensive care possible for as long as you need. 

Thanks to the immense support we receive from our community, we can provide this vital resource to our surrounding area of Central Oregon. Many of our patients come to us by referral because of the consistent quality of care we’ve provided to this community throughout decades of service. 

At Hospice of Redmond, our mission is to offer the most compassionate, holistic care possible so that your end-of-life can be spent with dignity and respect. We are here for you and your family, and we work hard to make sure you can stay close to the ones you love. 

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