Rebecca Walker

Compliance Coordinator

“Sometimes you’re in a place because that’s where you should be.”

Some people are just born with a head for business, as is the case with Compliance Coordinator Rebecca Walker. 

Rebecca and her husband started their business, BST Plumbing Inc, over 25 years ago, which continues to operate today. In 2008 Rebecca went back to work outside of the business. Realizing she wanted something fulfilling and heartfelt, the opportunity presented itself to work with Hospice of Redmond, and she jumped at the opportunity. 

Two months after she began working, Rebecca’s father became a Hospice of Redmond patient. Going through Hospice as a family member, Rebecca was able to experience the compassionate care and support provided by his nurse, aide, chaplain, and social worker. After this experience, she had a deep understanding of the importance of hospice and the need fulfilled at a more profound level.  

Today, Rebecca is the Compliance Coordinator, responsible for overseeing and developing our organization’s policies and regulatory procedures. As a small staff, every team member supports one another to stay true to serving families in Central Oregon. 

Rebecca is most passionate about the Veterans’ programs at Hospice of Redmond. She has three children, one who is a teacher and two who are serving their country in the United States Air Force and United States Navy. She recognizes the special care that Hospice of Redmond takes of its Veterans. 

Originally from Clackamas, Rebecca Walker and her husband moved their family to Central Oregon more than 20 years ago so they could enjoy rafting, hunting, hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, and fishing. Today, they continue all the outdoor activities that Central Oregon has to offer.