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Palliative Care in Central Oregon

Hospice of Redmond has been providing Palliative Care under the guidance of Dr. David Tretheway, Medical Director, since 1999.

Our Palliative Care program at Hospice of Redmond focuses on quality of life for someone facing chronic or serious illness.

Palliative Care can help you or your loved one:

•Review patient medical history, as well as symptoms and medication side effects, to address the care needs of the whole person.
•Understand the illness and offer options.  
•Offer emotional support to ease feelings of isolation.
•Support through information and connection to community resources. 
•Provide access to social work, spiritual care, and volunteer support.

Palliative Care services are offered in conjunction Hospice of Redmond’s Transitions program. Both programs provide resources and support via trained staff and volunteers.

Accessing program services

A physician’s referral is always welcome, however, you or a family member can call Hospice of Redmond and speak directly with our Central Oregon Palliative Care team at any time to ask about your service options. Whether you live in Bend, OR, Redmond, OR or anywhere else in Central Oregon, we are here for you. Call us today to learn more about our palliative care services. 

A woman receiving Palliative services near Bend, OR