Jane McGuire | Hospice of Redmond - Hospice Care, Bereavement Support

Jane McGuire

Executive Director

“Life leads you here”

I didn’t grow up imagining that I would work in hospice.  My first experience with hospice was caring for my mom, I was young, scared, and trying desperately to do my very best to care for her. I am not sure I knew what hospice was until they came to our home.  I remember the support our family had from a Social Worker who talked to all of us, including the children, about the dying process and what we could expect.  I remember reaching out to a hospice nurse who heard the concern in my voice and came right over (without my asking) to be there for the last moments of my mom’s life.  The support we received was an experience I will never forget.

I was raised in Madras and have lived in Central Oregon nearly all my life.  I volunteered, and then worked for a small non-profit that taught me how to connect people to the resources within our community and have meaningful conversations with them about their life and their needs.  This led me to start working for Hospice of Redmond as a Transitions Coordinator in 2014.  It was rewarding and allowed me the opportunity to learn about hospice care and continue to support people in our Central Oregon community.  As a team, we provided support and information to help people navigate chronic and life-limiting illnesses. 

Since I started my career with Hospice of Redmond, my sister and my dad were on our Transitions Program and our hospice service.  I was able to witness firsthand the support and care our team provides their patients through end-of-life.  I saw our team in action.  It was moving, and it was beautiful. 

In 2022, I became the Operations Manager.  I didn’t know at the time how much my path (a degree in Management and 21-year career in banking) would prepare me for this role.  I learned how to support this organization and this great team, I never thought I would have this great opportunity.

I am honored to have been chosen as the Executive Director of Hospice of Redmond in 2022.  I know that life led me here.  This is the best place I have worked, and the most amazing team I have worked with. Had I have known when I was a child about this incredible experience, I would have sought it from the beginning.  I would have said, “I want to work for hospice when I grow up.”