Lisa Salinas

Receptionist/Medical Records

When you call Hospice of Redmond, chances are the warm and compassionate voice on the other end is Lisa. 

Oregon native Lisa Salinas began her career in healthcare at 14 years of age when she worked as a candy striper at Woodland Parks Hospital in Portland. She’s always wanted to “be there” for people, so she went to Central Oregon Community College to receive her firefighter and medic degree. 

Lisa’s spent 16 years working in orthopedics, neurology, and physiatry at The Center. During her tenure there, she was a part of the Orthopedic Trauma Team and a clinical manager. She was also a licensed personal trainer and managed Gold’s Gym for 12 years. 

Then one day, Lisa drove past Hospice of Redmond, and a wall of balloons caught her eye. The balloons were a part of their Volunteer Appreciation celebration. Warmed by this display of appreciation for the selfless work of some of the kind folks within her community, she quickly applied when a position came open. 

Lisa loves to give back. As she says, “My heart has always been for the people above all else.” 

Lisa feels that her career led her to the place she is right now within Hospice of Redmond, where she can do more for people who need her help. While she’s always been one of the most compassionate and kind people you’ll ever meet, she says working at Hospice of Redmond has taught her more about people, compassion, dedication, and loyalty. 

“I work with the most dedicated people that give everything, and I mean everything to those they serve at every level and around the clock,” said Lisa. “I have seen this team do things for our patients and families that went far above expectations of the job.”

From the first cry for help and through each person’s journey, Lisa is proud to be a part of a team that upholds everything for which Hospice if Redmond was created. She is grateful to have the opportunity to learn more and grow by giving to others in whatever capacity she can. 

Outside of work, Lisa loves to do anything she can with her grandkids, husband, and family, including hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping. She enjoys capturing their adventures through the lens of a camera. 

Fun Fact: Lisa’s baby boy is a teacup Yorkshire terrier named Sam, whom she saved after he was stillborn. Sam came to life by her breath and one finger compressions in her hand. Sam is Lisa’s, special little dude.