When confronting terminal illness and end-of-life planning, making the choice to begin hospice care can seem daunting and fraught with mixed and troubling emotions. Along with common misconceptions about hospice, discontinuing curative treatments in order to improve your quality of life can feel scary and discouraging. It might feel easier to procrastinate that kind of decision—putting it off to a later date, or avoiding it altogether.

In truth, hospice care has transformed lives, giving millions of people the chance to spend their last days and months in comfort, and with the honor and dignity, they deserve. At Hospice of Redmond, we have seen patients and families receive much-needed care and support during a difficult time; we’ve helped people engage and interact with their loved ones while providing for them emotionally, mentally, and physically; and we’ve witnessed patients whose health improved and were discharged from hospice care alive and well.

Making the decision to start hospice

Hospice care is a personal choice that only you, your doctor, and your family can make. This decision requires careful consideration, which is why it’s best to discuss end-of-life care sooner than later. Remember, you can change your mind at any time. And if you decide to leave the hospice program in order to receive treatment for your illness, you can return to our care later on, if needed. 

We offer a personalized hospice program that allows you to tailor your care to your needs and wishes. We honor your choices completely, and there is no set time limit. Your comfort is our priority, and we’re here to care for you through the end of your life.

How to find out if you’re eligible for hospice

Becoming eligible for hospice requires a few simple steps. If you’ve been considering this type of care for some time, it’s possible you’ve already received the kind of information you need. First, we recommend talking with your doctor, family, and friends about hospice care. Take time to consider what quality of life means to you, and how we can make your days easier and more enjoyable.

The next step is making that crucial decision to discontinue curative treatments—such as chemotherapy for cancer, or other invasive treatments. You’ll need a signed referral from your doctor that certifies your condition, stating that if your illness continues to progress, your life expectancy will be six months or less. 

Why should I choose Hospice of Redmond?

When searching for end-of-life care in Bend, OR; Redmond, OR, Prineville, OR; or anywhere else in Central Oregon, Hospice of Redmond is dedicated to providing the support you and your family needs, 24/7. Even though this may be a trying time, it’s also a chance to connect with those dearest to you—which is why we meet with each patient to customize care that’s consistent with your goals.

We don’t select patients for hospice care based on illness or ability to pay. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances, and our services can also be covered by donations from individuals or foundations. At Hospice of Redmond, we won’t turn you away over a lack of resources. 

When should I start hospice?

The earlier you talk with your doctor and loved ones about this decision, the better. Once eligibility requirements are met, you and your family can receive the support and care that hospice provides. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 541.548.7483. We’d be happy to give you all the information you need.